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Technical information

The system consists of a client and server application, all written in Pelles C and compressed with UPX.

The server runs as a Windows service and listens on a TCP-IP port for new connections.

The client will connect by TCP-IP and login with username and password.

After logon, the server will send DLL-modules to the client. This contains all the different screens. These files will end up in the default temporary directory.

Generating of documents is done by Microsoft Word using the COM-interface. It will cycle through all the MERGEFIELDS and replace them with texts. Warning, 'Office 2010 Starter' has no COM-interface.

Sending document to an e-mail address is done by CDO, this also relies on the COM-interface. Inside Word the document is saved as 'webpagina gefilterd' (requires Word 2003 or greater). Then CDO will send the webpage as HTML-mail (including all markup texts and pictures).