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Contact me about anything regarding the program. Like software bugs, future requests, an incorrect translation or any other question.

If you contact me about receiving the server software, then please consider the following questions:

  • What kind of language should the program be? English, Dutch, other?
  • Which currency should be used? , $, other?
  • How should customers in the program be addressed? As customer, patient, client or something else?
  • How many users should there be? There will always be one user at least, the administrator.
  • Which IP-address should the client connect to?
  • Which IP-addresses should the server allow to connect?
  • Which portnumber should the server listen on?
  • Which ODBC-connection should the server connect to?
  • Should the client be 32-bits or 64-bits?
  • If you have no idea what this all means, then just start by downloading the client and try that out.